Why not peace?

Why can we not be a civilization of peace?

Is it because the idea seems hopeless in a country that has been at war for ten years?

Have our hearts become so full of anger, fear, and hate that we can’t stop and embrace the idea of peace?

Why can we not stop and say, “Instead of buying a tank….let’s buy food for America’s hungry?  Why can’t we say to our representatives, “I don’t want to see children living on the streets so please use our UN budget to provide housing for homeless?  Frankly, I would rather see our tax dollars going to help our citizens have a better quality of life than to produce more weapons of war.


Wait.  What about the huge military budget?  Well, do you remember hearing the term “Redistribution of wealth?”  Yea, I’ve heard that term too.  What if we turned that term around and redistribute the tax money already being collected from our citizens back to our citizens.  Use the money to increase the quality of life rather than creating a class warfare within the U.S.  Yes, I’m saying redistribute the wealth from the government back to the people FOR THE PEOPLE.  I don’t know about you but I think our media and/or the government is trying to have us turn one on another so that we don’t realize that it isn’t the 1% that is the true problem but our own failure to demand peace.

So excuse me, Mr. Big Government, I would like my money back.  This war thing really isn’t working.  I think we have gone beyond protecting ourselves.  I’m just not feeling it anywhere except in my wallet, so could you please give us our money back so we can feed our children, pay our mortgages, and start businesses.


Can you imagine the amount of money that could be put back into the pockets of Americans?  Is it billions or trillions that our government is spending on war?  I could go for that.  And this word….peace, I think I could go for that too.


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know the economy is rough and all, so I thought I would get my Christmas letter in early this year.  I know it’s only March, but it’s looking like the rest of the year may be pretty bad, so here is what I would like:

1) Food in my pantry to last all year, so I don’t have to worry about my kids going hungry;

2) Gas in my car, so I don’t have to worry about that either;

3) Clothes for my kids, because that’s another big worry;

And Santa while you’re at it could you fly over to the White House and just let Obama know a couple of things.

1) He doesn’t need to worry about obesity, because we can’t afford to buy groceries

2) He doesn’t need to worry about the environment, because we can’t afford to put gas in the cars;

3) We can’t pay any more taxes, because we are BROKE!

Thank you and Merry Christmas in March,


Sleeping Children

There are few things in this world more precious (or beautiful) than a sleeping child.  A few moments ago, I walked to the bedrooms intent on waking the children for an eventful day.  Yet, something stopped me.  I noticed their sleeping faces.   The children were lost in a world of sleep.  Have you ever stopped to really look at a sleeping child’s face?  It is, as if an angel has fallen to earth and is quietly resting. 

No, I didn’t wake the children. I turned and tiptoed back to the kitchen for a second cup of coffee.  But my thoughts remained on the sleeping children.

I spent nearly a life time attending colleges and law school.  Yet, when I look at my kids I realize it barely matters.  In fact, few things in this world matter.  My great-grandmother once told me that only certain things matter as you age…family, friends, and the  love and laughter you share.  I think she was right.

I seriously doubt one client or employer will remember the work we put in for them, but our kids…they will remember our love.  When I look at Sarah, I think how different her life was as a Russian orphan.  Her future?  Prostitution. Death. Yet to gaze at her now, one will see a sweet, loving, beautiful girl! What about Alex and Peyton?  Poor little Alex would have had no chance at all.  Yet, here he is doing well in school and giving out hugs.   Those three have a future and a family.  We made a difference. 

How wonderful is that?  We made a difference.  Is it a small difference?  Depends on who you ask.  If you were to ask our kids, the difference was life changing. 

So what if I never win another legal battle…so what if I never win the lottery…and so what if I never appear on CNN.  My life mattered to six wonderful people…my kids.

Our kids, that is what we will be remembered for and what we will remember.   When I sing a silly song with the kids or our family travels to a campground for the weekend…we are accomplishing life moments that will remain with us and our kids for lifetimes.  I can imagine our great-grandson telling his child about Grandpa Alex coming to America or Tay telling her daughter about reading books by flashlight and of me tickling her for being awake. 

 That is our legacy!  It’s our family.  And you know, it’s a legacy I’m pretty proud to have made.

Hello, Autumn Nice to Meet You

The air is crisp and the leaves are turning.  A few flutter to the ground in relief that cold weather has finally arrived.  The children piled their little shoes by the homeschool door, the door is left open so the cool breeze wraps the room.  I love days like today.  The kids did their work without complaint.  The older ones helped the younger ones.  No tantrums. Hey, life is good!  I find myself beginning to think of bonfires, camping, and cool morning walks.  Ah, the luxury of Autumn.  Mr. Autumn, it is nice to meet you…please come and stay for a while.

Today I had a very interesting (if aggravating) discussion with my husband.  Before I begin, let me say that my good husband is a smart hardworking man.  Darling Hubby comes in from work most days and becomes busy with chores of one variety or another.  He doesn’t ask me a lot of questions concerning my time or the children.  Yet, everyday I fill him in on most everything he has missed.  In addition,  just like most families, we  have dinnertime discussions.  We have discussions about all kinds of things from abortion to politics.  

That is why today gave me pause.  You see, today I began to wonder if an alien has taken over my husband’s body…or at least his mind.

My good husband walks into the room holding a book.  I notice the title, “Politically Incorrect Guide to History.” Excitedly he begins to wave the book as he begins to tell me that my ideas and understanding of history are wrong.  I look up and smile.  You know, the type of smile that says you believe the person in front of you is insane.  He then proceeds to tell me about this Quaker (William Penn) and how he was a pacifist.  My smile freezes into a cold stare.  (At this point I am staring at him to see if he is a zombie or an alien.)  For the next fifteen minutes he tells me about Quakers.  He uses words like ‘them’ and ‘those people’ as he explains.  All the while he is waving this book in front of me.  Finally, I can take it no longer.  I place my book on the couch and stare at him as I softly state, “Honey, I am a Quaker and so are your children.”  Now, it is his turn to stare.  He starts to sputter in disbelief. 

I don’t get mad when he forgets I detest the color yellow, or when he forgets that I don’t like rhubarb, or even when he cooks food I’m allergic.  I don’t get mad when he yells about his lost comb that is laying in the drawer in front of him.  But this!  How did he miss this?  I’m completely at a loss.  My only explanation is that this man cannot be my husband.  My husband must have been taken by aliens and a drone placed here with me.  It’s the only explanation, because surely my husband is more observant than THAT!

My vow

I am very angry at the oil companies and the government over the handling of the oil spill.  I’ve considered the matter and have reached the following decision:

  1. I can’t change the world. 
  2.  I can change me and my spending habits. 
  3.  I will not support BP.
  4.   I will not purchase BP gas…ever. 
  5. I will never drive my car if I can walk or ride a bike. 


It’s time we became the caretakers of this world like we should.

Lost to modernization

I feel like my household is lost to the modernization of today’s lifestyles.  What do I mean?  I mean we are on vacation and that between the tv, video games, laptops, microwaves, ice machines, cell phones, mp3, ipods, itouch, iphones, and more that my children do not live but merely exist.  I have long banned the use of electronics during daytime hours, but my husband allowed the tv to be on during a vacation. Welcome in electronics!    It is horrid.  The kids are sitting on the couch staring at the tv.  They might wonder off for a moment to grab a call on the cell and then wonder back as if a moth to the tv.  I told them that come Monday that the ban would be in place once again but for today, sit and drool.  DH is asleep in front of the tv.  And I am sitting in front of the tv typing on my laptop.  It is horrible how quickly we toss living for existing when we stare at the tv.