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I did it!  I persuaded my hubby that bird watching, canoeing, and shell searching outranked driving to Yellowstone with 4 kids.  It is a one and a half day drive compared to 30 hard hours of driving.  I am thrilled.

I will pack up the kids books on Thursday night.  Yes, we will home school while we are there.  Plus, each child will have a camera to make a “My Florida 2010 Field Trip” book.


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Next week, my family will take a cross-country trip with the little ones.  At this point, I am unsure whether we will be heading to Captiva Island in Florida or West Yellowstone.  But there is one thing I do know, we will be taking our books with us.  The kids do a lot of studying while we travel.  Last January while we spent two weeks in Hawaii, our kids took classes with other homeschool children, explored the islands, and played in the surf.  This year, the kids will explore where ever it is we travel while they explore their textbooks. 

I will keep you updated on our educational travels.

Some of the trips planned for this year are:

                             a) Washington D.C.

                            b) Salt Lake City, Utah

                            c) Yellowstone

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Russia 3 years ago

Three years ago, my husband and I stood in front of a Russian judge.  We weren’t criminals or charged with anything.  Rather, we were adopting a beautiful blond-haired little boy and a dark-haired grey eyed darling baby girl.  I remember the judge granting the adoption and my husband grinning broadly.  We hugged each other in the courtroom, the hallway, in the car, and again at the orphanage.  We couldn’t believe it!  Our family had just gained 2 wonderful kids. 

Today those children are happy and loveable.  They are also very much my children! 

Tonight we celebrated with a bonfire, marshmallows, and hotdogs.   

We are a wonderfully happy family.  One I am very proud to have.

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If I sing will they go?

If I walk through the house singing lullabies will the kids take the hint and head off to bed?

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Saturday Meeting

This morning several of my Quaker friends and I decided to have a meeting.  Meeting is a word that we use to mean something similar to church time.  We met this morning and watched the sun rise.  As we each said our private prayers to God, I felt thankful for a God that would give us such beautiful sunrises.

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Yes, the title of this post is confusing.  I apologize.  But anyone who has ever planned a trip with my dear husband understands.  This trip was my darlings idea.  He ran through the house one afternoon laughing that he was taking me to West Yellowstone for my birthday.  Cool, huh?  Nope.  He wanted to take four children by car to Wyoming.  I was not amused. 

He plotted the trip and stated impressively that we could arrive in Wyoming by way of North Dakota and Montana.  I have little doubt that the neighbors heard the plates I dropped.

It was okay, he changed his mind.  He decided that we could go via Amtrack.  Oh, Cookies Dandy!  This was two trains with one of the trips being 34 hours.  Nope.  No. No way.

I suggested since it was my birthday that we could go to Atlanta, New Orleans, or Colorado.  He glared over his stacks of papers and maps. 

I stood brave and stated the obvious, “Let’s stay home.”

Glare grew and the red cheeks appeared. 

I know when I am licked.

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Good friends and Differences

I love my friends.  Yes, it is that simple.  

I love seeing the differences that make each of us unique. 

I love the differences in our belief systems.  For some, it is church on Sunday, Sunday nights, and Wednesday.  For others I am pretty sure they have not walked into a church in twenty years.  Yet, I love them all. 

I have friends who dress in clothes that have not been in fashion for several hundred years, friends who dress plain, friends who dress in purple and reds, and friends who dress in goth.

I have friends who travel around the world playing fiddles on the tallest mountains. Friends who live in other countries.  Friends who have never left the town they were born.   

Yet, they are all awesome.  Each and every one.  Cherished friends they are.

They are wonderful people.  Opinionated, yes.  I seldom have a friend who is not opinionated.  Unique, yes.  Wonderfully unique.   Yet, it is their uniqueness, their sense of self, that I admire.    

I hope that I hold as close a place in their hearts as they hold in mine.  And I hope that I am there when they need me.

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