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I get really aggravated when people fuss at me that I should attend their church.  Thank you but no.  I’m not referring to a simple invitation, but those who consider it their duty to get me to attend their church.  Not A church but Their Church.  I actually had one woman tell me she had never seen me attend church.  Yes, you are right.  I don’t. 

 I attend Friend’s meetings. 

I wanted to grab her hand and rush her outside and say, “Look. This is my church.  This is God’s garden.  He made this so you and I could worship.  I don’t need to attend a man made building when God has been gracious enough to give me this.”  I want to say this, but I don’t.  I smile and try to explain.  My soul is in God’s hands.  I worship in God’s garden.

 I wish you could see what I see.  I see the sun rising over the morning fog as I say my prayers.  I see the sun set behind the trees as I say my prayers.  I see the birds singing.  I attend God’s Garden everyday not just on Sunday’s.  I worship all day long not just for an hour.  So please understand when I say no.  I am not saying no to God, but wish to worship him in my way.  Respect that, please.


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It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I have updated this blog.  Life has been busy.  I promise to update more soon.

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