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Why not peace?

Why can we not be a civilization of peace?

Is it because the idea seems hopeless in a country that has been at war for ten years?

Have our hearts become so full of anger, fear, and hate that we can’t stop and embrace the idea of peace?

Why can we not stop and say, “Instead of buying a tank….let’s buy food for America’s hungry?  Why can’t we say to our representatives, “I don’t want to see children living on the streets so please use our UN budget to provide housing for homeless?  Frankly, I would rather see our tax dollars going to help our citizens have a better quality of life than to produce more weapons of war.


Wait.  What about the huge military budget?  Well, do you remember hearing the term “Redistribution of wealth?”  Yea, I’ve heard that term too.  What if we turned that term around and redistribute the tax money already being collected from our citizens back to our citizens.  Use the money to increase the quality of life rather than creating a class warfare within the U.S.  Yes, I’m saying redistribute the wealth from the government back to the people FOR THE PEOPLE.  I don’t know about you but I think our media and/or the government is trying to have us turn one on another so that we don’t realize that it isn’t the 1% that is the true problem but our own failure to demand peace.

So excuse me, Mr. Big Government, I would like my money back.  This war thing really isn’t working.  I think we have gone beyond protecting ourselves.  I’m just not feeling it anywhere except in my wallet, so could you please give us our money back so we can feed our children, pay our mortgages, and start businesses.


Can you imagine the amount of money that could be put back into the pockets of Americans?  Is it billions or trillions that our government is spending on war?  I could go for that.  And this word….peace, I think I could go for that too.


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