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My vow

I am very angry at the oil companies and the government over the handling of the oil spill.  I’ve considered the matter and have reached the following decision:

  1. I can’t change the world. 
  2.  I can change me and my spending habits. 
  3.  I will not support BP.
  4.   I will not purchase BP gas…ever. 
  5. I will never drive my car if I can walk or ride a bike. 


It’s time we became the caretakers of this world like we should.


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I feel like my household is lost to the modernization of today’s lifestyles.  What do I mean?  I mean we are on vacation and that between the tv, video games, laptops, microwaves, ice machines, cell phones, mp3, ipods, itouch, iphones, and more that my children do not live but merely exist.  I have long banned the use of electronics during daytime hours, but my husband allowed the tv to be on during a vacation. Welcome in electronics!    It is horrid.  The kids are sitting on the couch staring at the tv.  They might wonder off for a moment to grab a call on the cell and then wonder back as if a moth to the tv.  I told them that come Monday that the ban would be in place once again but for today, sit and drool.  DH is asleep in front of the tv.  And I am sitting in front of the tv typing on my laptop.  It is horrible how quickly we toss living for existing when we stare at the tv.

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I was doing a little sewing and my DS2 began to question me.  He stared in confusion at the simple gray skirt.  As I explained, he nodded.  I told him that I believed God to be leading me in the direction of plain dressing, so I was preparing some clothes.  He nodded again.  When I had finished explaining, he looked at me with those sweet green eyes and smiled.  “I want to dress plain,” he stated.  His slightly older sister jumped off the couch and began to correct him.  “Oh, no.  You don’t want to do that.”  She then explained why he should not.  Her lists were quite long and well stated.  Yet, he stood firm.  Quietly he answered her with a simple remark, “Yes, I do want to dress plain.”  The look on her face seemed to scream that she would be telling her father that DS2 had lost his mind.  He then softly whispered to DD why she should care if he chose to dress plain.  She answered, “Because you’re my brother and I love you.”  My six year old son turns and places his hands on his narrow hips and softly answers, “Then let me be.” 

I cannot begin to tell you how proud of was of him.  Not because he chose to dress plain but because he followed the leading of his own heart.  God leads each of us to walk our own path, not the path chosen for another, but our own.  I am so proud of my little six year old man-child.

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I continue to be saddened by the sheer meanness that some people can exhibit.  It is not my place to judge them, nor shall I try to judge them.  Yet, it does make my heart saddened.   Sometimes it isn’t calculated meanness but rather the coldness exhibited by playing a video game while another child stands alone or talking on a cell phone while an elder struggles.  We have disconnected from one another and have turned to electronics to love and befriend us.   

Today is a beautiful day.  Wouldn’t it be all the lovelier if we reached out in kindness, love, and a calm spirit to another?  If we offered a helping hand? 

My goal for the day is to reach out to strangers that I might not otherwise reach out.  I don’t mean the lady carrying groceries that I would normally grab the door for, that is a given, of course, I would reach out to her.  But what about the teenage boy who is talking on the cell phone when I walk by, today I will say hello and wave.  The postman where I purchase my stamps, I will ask him about his family.  Today, I will try and be a little more human and show more basic kindness.     

And for today, I will turn off my cell and unplug my earphones, unplug my pc, and reach out. 

We shall see see what happens.

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Tonight my kiddos and I sat by the outside fireplace and roasted wieners.  Such a relaxing and bonding time for the kids and myself. It was nice to sit by the fire and talk.  No music, tv, or video games to interrupt.  Simply the four kids and myself enjoying nature, each other, and simple food.  I hope they remember nights like this.  

I had to smile because we would look at the stars and then pop a burnt marshmallow into our mouths as we talked about the fire.  It was bliss!  Simple.  Fun.  It helped bring a quiet loving spirit to our home tonight.

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Three simple words, but such a hard thing to really do. 

The homeless man on the street looks your way and you look away. Have you ever done that?  I have.  And then felt guilty.   Are we showing him kindness?  No.  Not even the basic kindness of looking him in the eye, meeting him as a person with a smile. 

Forgiveness is another really hard thing to do.  Can we forgive someone who has truly hurt us?  I don’t know.  I try.  Sometimes, I can.  I was able to forgive the boy who killed my brother.  Yet, I can’t seem to forgive someone who gossips about me. 

And then there is Love.   Love should be an easy one, right?  Think again.  I love my spouse, my children, my friends, and strangers.  Yet, do I extend love to all?  A welcoming love that says I see you are worthy person.  Sometimes.  But sometimes I fail.  Sometimes pride or fear will get in the way. 

I am working on these, but they are honestly hard for me.  I struggle.  I fail sometimes.  Now, Integrity, Peace, and Faith are  much easier for me. 

 I will continue to work on Forgiveness, Kindness, and Love.  Daily! Yes, on a daily basis. 

(For any who are curious, the tv daytime ban is holding.  My children watched a total of 30 minutes television today and that was a DVD tonight about 8 p.m. )

Hugs to all!

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My wardrobe is bland.  It is neither colorful nor plain.  It just is. 

One darling friend felt sorry for my lack of colorful clothing.  She has expressed her pity in several conversations. Unfortunately, she is not alone.  My friends worry that I am lacking the ability to buy reds, oranges, and lime greens.

Therefore, I have begun to consider my clothing choices from several perspectives.  It is true, I have been leaning towards going plain for a while.  I used to think it would be a distraction if I dressed plain, but recently I have begun to believe that it may allow my friends to understand that I dress the way I do for religious reasons.  I think they can accept that better than my bland modern clothing. 

For one means I choose to dress a certain way for a Godly reason and the other means I simply lack taste.  🙂  I think my friends can accept plain better than dreary. 

I have begun to search for well made aprons.  I remember the ones my grandmother wore.  How I loved to dress up in them!  Perhaps changing the way I dress will help me to embrace wonderful memories and to focus more on God and my family. 

We will see.

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