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I feel like my household is lost to the modernization of today’s lifestyles.  What do I mean?  I mean we are on vacation and that between the tv, video games, laptops, microwaves, ice machines, cell phones, mp3, ipods, itouch, iphones, and more that my children do not live but merely exist.  I have long banned the use of electronics during daytime hours, but my husband allowed the tv to be on during a vacation. Welcome in electronics!    It is horrid.  The kids are sitting on the couch staring at the tv.  They might wonder off for a moment to grab a call on the cell and then wonder back as if a moth to the tv.  I told them that come Monday that the ban would be in place once again but for today, sit and drool.  DH is asleep in front of the tv.  And I am sitting in front of the tv typing on my laptop.  It is horrible how quickly we toss living for existing when we stare at the tv.


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I continue to be saddened by the sheer meanness that some people can exhibit.  It is not my place to judge them, nor shall I try to judge them.  Yet, it does make my heart saddened.   Sometimes it isn’t calculated meanness but rather the coldness exhibited by playing a video game while another child stands alone or talking on a cell phone while an elder struggles.  We have disconnected from one another and have turned to electronics to love and befriend us.   

Today is a beautiful day.  Wouldn’t it be all the lovelier if we reached out in kindness, love, and a calm spirit to another?  If we offered a helping hand? 

My goal for the day is to reach out to strangers that I might not otherwise reach out.  I don’t mean the lady carrying groceries that I would normally grab the door for, that is a given, of course, I would reach out to her.  But what about the teenage boy who is talking on the cell phone when I walk by, today I will say hello and wave.  The postman where I purchase my stamps, I will ask him about his family.  Today, I will try and be a little more human and show more basic kindness.     

And for today, I will turn off my cell and unplug my earphones, unplug my pc, and reach out. 

We shall see see what happens.

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Tonight my kiddos and I sat by the outside fireplace and roasted wieners.  Such a relaxing and bonding time for the kids and myself. It was nice to sit by the fire and talk.  No music, tv, or video games to interrupt.  Simply the four kids and myself enjoying nature, each other, and simple food.  I hope they remember nights like this.  

I had to smile because we would look at the stars and then pop a burnt marshmallow into our mouths as we talked about the fire.  It was bliss!  Simple.  Fun.  It helped bring a quiet loving spirit to our home tonight.

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Next week, my family will take a cross-country trip with the little ones.  At this point, I am unsure whether we will be heading to Captiva Island in Florida or West Yellowstone.  But there is one thing I do know, we will be taking our books with us.  The kids do a lot of studying while we travel.  Last January while we spent two weeks in Hawaii, our kids took classes with other homeschool children, explored the islands, and played in the surf.  This year, the kids will explore where ever it is we travel while they explore their textbooks. 

I will keep you updated on our educational travels.

Some of the trips planned for this year are:

                             a) Washington D.C.

                            b) Salt Lake City, Utah

                            c) Yellowstone

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4 Little Prayers

Anyone who sees my children and I at lunch, probably smiles.  Every meal my children each lower their head and say their personal prayer of thanks.  This can become quite loud since they range in age of 8, 6, 4, and 3.  Sometimes, they argue over who said what.  No one wants another copying their prayer to God.  So why does each child say thanks rather than 1 prayer by an adult?  Because in our house, we are teaching each child that his/her conversation with God is unique and important.  It is important to give thanks, not to simply sit there waiting, bored, hoping the prayer will end so eating may begin.   It is important to say the thanks that you feel in your heart  to God.  Perhaps that child simply wants to say thank you for the corn, then so be it.  It is his prayer.  Most of the time the prayers are interesting.  I usually hear thank you for family, but sometimes thanks for snow, rain, no lessons, and sleeping late.  Through these sometimes lengthy prayers the children learn that God listens even to the smallest and the youngest.  For God hears all and loves all.

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Today was a rarity.  A snow day in Mississippi.  A wonderful enjoyable snow day.  As my kids pulled on boots, I began bringing out the hot cocoa.  I laughed when my kids asked if they would have to do school work today.  I shook my head and told them, “No, today was a special gift from God.  Go enjoy the day.”  It was a wonderful gift for me to because I was able to  accomplish quite a bit of legal work. 

As we gathered around the table, my children bowed their head and each would say the prayer they felt in their own little hearts.  I finished up the prayers with my own.  I think I heard a smirk when I said thank you for a wonderful snow day, but I’m not sure which of the wee ones was the culprit.

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I’m a pacifist but I want to throw my tv out the front door!

Yes, it is true.  I feel violent towards the tv.  It brings violence, sex, and mind numbing shows into my home.  I am angry.  So am I allowing my anger to grow without recourse?  No.  We have decided that the tv is a useless or near useless appliance that needs limiting.  So we have limited its use.  The television may only be turned on after dark.  I am happy to report that tonight the television was NOT turned on one time.  NO One watched tv today.  Yet, it is freezing outside and the children are couped up.  I am proud of my little homeschoolers.  Instead of asking for the tv, they asked to play outside, to paint, to color, to read, but not once did anyone ask for the television.   

Thought for the day:  Limit the use of any electronics to 30 minutes per day TOTAL.   You will be surprised at the amount of work you accomplish.

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