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Today I had a very interesting (if aggravating) discussion with my husband.  Before I begin, let me say that my good husband is a smart hardworking man.  Darling Hubby comes in from work most days and becomes busy with chores of one variety or another.  He doesn’t ask me a lot of questions concerning my time or the children.  Yet, everyday I fill him in on most everything he has missed.  In addition,  just like most families, we  have dinnertime discussions.  We have discussions about all kinds of things from abortion to politics.  

That is why today gave me pause.  You see, today I began to wonder if an alien has taken over my husband’s body…or at least his mind.

My good husband walks into the room holding a book.  I notice the title, “Politically Incorrect Guide to History.” Excitedly he begins to wave the book as he begins to tell me that my ideas and understanding of history are wrong.  I look up and smile.  You know, the type of smile that says you believe the person in front of you is insane.  He then proceeds to tell me about this Quaker (William Penn) and how he was a pacifist.  My smile freezes into a cold stare.  (At this point I am staring at him to see if he is a zombie or an alien.)  For the next fifteen minutes he tells me about Quakers.  He uses words like ‘them’ and ‘those people’ as he explains.  All the while he is waving this book in front of me.  Finally, I can take it no longer.  I place my book on the couch and stare at him as I softly state, “Honey, I am a Quaker and so are your children.”  Now, it is his turn to stare.  He starts to sputter in disbelief. 

I don’t get mad when he forgets I detest the color yellow, or when he forgets that I don’t like rhubarb, or even when he cooks food I’m allergic.  I don’t get mad when he yells about his lost comb that is laying in the drawer in front of him.  But this!  How did he miss this?  I’m completely at a loss.  My only explanation is that this man cannot be my husband.  My husband must have been taken by aliens and a drone placed here with me.  It’s the only explanation, because surely my husband is more observant than THAT!


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I was doing a little sewing and my DS2 began to question me.  He stared in confusion at the simple gray skirt.  As I explained, he nodded.  I told him that I believed God to be leading me in the direction of plain dressing, so I was preparing some clothes.  He nodded again.  When I had finished explaining, he looked at me with those sweet green eyes and smiled.  “I want to dress plain,” he stated.  His slightly older sister jumped off the couch and began to correct him.  “Oh, no.  You don’t want to do that.”  She then explained why he should not.  Her lists were quite long and well stated.  Yet, he stood firm.  Quietly he answered her with a simple remark, “Yes, I do want to dress plain.”  The look on her face seemed to scream that she would be telling her father that DS2 had lost his mind.  He then softly whispered to DD why she should care if he chose to dress plain.  She answered, “Because you’re my brother and I love you.”  My six year old son turns and places his hands on his narrow hips and softly answers, “Then let me be.” 

I cannot begin to tell you how proud of was of him.  Not because he chose to dress plain but because he followed the leading of his own heart.  God leads each of us to walk our own path, not the path chosen for another, but our own.  I am so proud of my little six year old man-child.

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My wardrobe is bland.  It is neither colorful nor plain.  It just is. 

One darling friend felt sorry for my lack of colorful clothing.  She has expressed her pity in several conversations. Unfortunately, she is not alone.  My friends worry that I am lacking the ability to buy reds, oranges, and lime greens.

Therefore, I have begun to consider my clothing choices from several perspectives.  It is true, I have been leaning towards going plain for a while.  I used to think it would be a distraction if I dressed plain, but recently I have begun to believe that it may allow my friends to understand that I dress the way I do for religious reasons.  I think they can accept that better than my bland modern clothing. 

For one means I choose to dress a certain way for a Godly reason and the other means I simply lack taste.  🙂  I think my friends can accept plain better than dreary. 

I have begun to search for well made aprons.  I remember the ones my grandmother wore.  How I loved to dress up in them!  Perhaps changing the way I dress will help me to embrace wonderful memories and to focus more on God and my family. 

We will see.

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I get really aggravated when people fuss at me that I should attend their church.  Thank you but no.  I’m not referring to a simple invitation, but those who consider it their duty to get me to attend their church.  Not A church but Their Church.  I actually had one woman tell me she had never seen me attend church.  Yes, you are right.  I don’t. 

 I attend Friend’s meetings. 

I wanted to grab her hand and rush her outside and say, “Look. This is my church.  This is God’s garden.  He made this so you and I could worship.  I don’t need to attend a man made building when God has been gracious enough to give me this.”  I want to say this, but I don’t.  I smile and try to explain.  My soul is in God’s hands.  I worship in God’s garden.

 I wish you could see what I see.  I see the sun rising over the morning fog as I say my prayers.  I see the sun set behind the trees as I say my prayers.  I see the birds singing.  I attend God’s Garden everyday not just on Sunday’s.  I worship all day long not just for an hour.  So please understand when I say no.  I am not saying no to God, but wish to worship him in my way.  Respect that, please.

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Good friends and Differences

I love my friends.  Yes, it is that simple.  

I love seeing the differences that make each of us unique. 

I love the differences in our belief systems.  For some, it is church on Sunday, Sunday nights, and Wednesday.  For others I am pretty sure they have not walked into a church in twenty years.  Yet, I love them all. 

I have friends who dress in clothes that have not been in fashion for several hundred years, friends who dress plain, friends who dress in purple and reds, and friends who dress in goth.

I have friends who travel around the world playing fiddles on the tallest mountains. Friends who live in other countries.  Friends who have never left the town they were born.   

Yet, they are all awesome.  Each and every one.  Cherished friends they are.

They are wonderful people.  Opinionated, yes.  I seldom have a friend who is not opinionated.  Unique, yes.  Wonderfully unique.   Yet, it is their uniqueness, their sense of self, that I admire.    

I hope that I hold as close a place in their hearts as they hold in mine.  And I hope that I am there when they need me.

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Today was a rarity.  A snow day in Mississippi.  A wonderful enjoyable snow day.  As my kids pulled on boots, I began bringing out the hot cocoa.  I laughed when my kids asked if they would have to do school work today.  I shook my head and told them, “No, today was a special gift from God.  Go enjoy the day.”  It was a wonderful gift for me to because I was able to  accomplish quite a bit of legal work. 

As we gathered around the table, my children bowed their head and each would say the prayer they felt in their own little hearts.  I finished up the prayers with my own.  I think I heard a smirk when I said thank you for a wonderful snow day, but I’m not sure which of the wee ones was the culprit.

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I’m a pacifist but I want to throw my tv out the front door!

Yes, it is true.  I feel violent towards the tv.  It brings violence, sex, and mind numbing shows into my home.  I am angry.  So am I allowing my anger to grow without recourse?  No.  We have decided that the tv is a useless or near useless appliance that needs limiting.  So we have limited its use.  The television may only be turned on after dark.  I am happy to report that tonight the television was NOT turned on one time.  NO One watched tv today.  Yet, it is freezing outside and the children are couped up.  I am proud of my little homeschoolers.  Instead of asking for the tv, they asked to play outside, to paint, to color, to read, but not once did anyone ask for the television.   

Thought for the day:  Limit the use of any electronics to 30 minutes per day TOTAL.   You will be surprised at the amount of work you accomplish.

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